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Featured Testimonials

“Stephanie Kelsey is a dynamic personal coach that not only leads from the heart but also has an amazing gift of calling out the gold in those under her care. Her coaching is both personal as well as professional and she has changed my life in the most profound way. I am incredibly grateful for her.”


“You are blessing our family so much already. I have worked so hard since we talked to communicate more respect and thankfulness to my husband in addition to making my needs known/hashing out possible solutions. Huge breakthrough in our communication. Stress levels just went way down. Thought you should know.”


“Stephanie brought so many cool ideas and perspectives to the meetings. I loved that she spent time taking questions and really discussing what was needed to grow the groups in our churches.”


“We all envision these large groups where tons of people show up, and there are tremendous amounts of lives changed. Stephanie made me realize that while all of that is very possible, group sizes need to remain small. This is a lesson that is hard for my church and I to grasp. We thought that the bigger the group meant the bigger the impact. When in actuality more life change happens when groups remain small and intimate. I learned so much from Stephanie, but this is something that is most beneficial to my facilitators and me.”


“This was my first time leading a small group ministry and EVERYTHING was helpful.Stephanie had such a good perspective on how to handle things based on her experience that it gave me a sense of peace. Also, sowing into leaders was something that I was not doing adequately and the meetings helped me see it and think of ways I could change that.”


“Stephanie Kelsey, had such a servant’s heart and such grace for teaching us. My greatest takeaway from her was to relax in the role and know that the Holy Spirit would guide us in what the groups needed and to always pray for the leaders and for the members. Also, her approach to conflict resolution was so open and healthy, it made me feel better about having to confront any issues that may arise.”


“Our family has been using Stephanie for coaching our family and her knowledge, compassion, and life experiences have already helped us build stronger relationships.”


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