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Dream come true: I have a YouTube Channel!

Lots of different outfit and hairstyle changes.

Lots of different backgrounds.

Lots of teaching on topics close to my heart.

Lots of help from my tech team! 

To view my videos, search for “Coach Steph Kelsey” on YouTube and my page will come up. Or click here!

PS- Reminder, a new YouTube video releases every Friday morning on my channel!

It would mean the world if you’d watch these short videos, like and share them with those you feel led to share them with. Feel free to comment below the videos if something stands out or if you have a question!  

“It is an honor and a privilege to get to share with anyone I can, the gift that Stephanie Kelsey has and how it has impacted my life. I have watched her giftings empower people since I have been around her since 2015. I watched her honesty, servanthood, wisdom, words, faithfulness, teachability, growth and leadership. I have experienced her as stable, consistent and safe. A wonderful combination and a rare find. This is why I was excited when she decided to do life coaching.  She has now been my life coach for almost a year. I have experienced much growth with direction, insight, encouragement and loving accountability. It has impacted my relationships, parenting, marriage, ministry and self-awareness. I continue to walk through more and more freedom and I pray this for others.”

-Happy coaching client Shauna

Watch my channel for coaching tips around topics like: work stress, anxiety, parenting, marriage and MORE!


Click here to watch my channel.